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Student's Encyclopedia of American Literary Characters, Matthew J. Bruccoli and Judith S. Baughman, editors, New York: Facts on File, 2008. Four Volumes. 1476 pgs.

Student's Encyclopedia of American Literary Characters , which Library Journal named a "Best Reference Source, 2008," is a four-volume set that includes 1000 word essays on approximately 900 memorable characters from American fiction, drama, and poetry. John Cusatis contributed thirty-nine essays to this highly praised, one-of-a-kind reference set. Essays are followed by 3-5 discussion questions and a short list of suggested further reading.

Signed Entries by John Cusatis:

Truman Capote
"A Christmas Memory"
      "Buddy"  Volume 1, 153-155
Stephen Crane
"The Open Boat"
      "The Correspondent"   Volume 1, 251-253
The Red Badge of Courage
     "Henry Fleming"   Volume 1, 253-255
Ralph Ellision
Invisible Man
     "Unnamed Protaganist"   Volume 1, 332-334
Ring Lardner
     "Midge Kelly"   Volume 2, 746-748
You Know Me, Al
     "Jack Keefe"  Volume 2, 746-748
Jack London
Martin Eden
     "Martin Eden"   Volume 2, 795-796
     "Ruth Morris"   Volume 2, 796-798
The Sea-Wolf
     "Wolf Larsen"   Volume 2, 792-793
     "Humphrey Van Weyden"   Volume 2, 793-795
Frank Norris
     "Mac McTeague"   Volume 3, 928-929
     "Trina Sieppe"   Volume 3, 930-931
Joyce Carol Oates "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been"
     "Connie"   Volume 3, 935-936
     "Arnold Friend"   Volume 3, 936-938
Flannery O'Connor
"The Artificial Nigger"
     "Mr. Head"   Volume 3, 944-946
     "Nelson"   Volume 3, 946-947
"Everything That Rises Must Converge"
     "Julian Chestny"   Volume 3, 948-949
"Good Country People"
     "Hulga Hopewell"   Volume 3, 949-951
     "Arnold Friend"   Volume 3, 951-952
"A Good Man Is Hard To Find"
     "The Grandmother"   Volume 3, 952-954
     "Mrs. May"   Volume 3, 954-955
     "Ruby Turpin"   Volume 3, 955-957
The Violent Bear It Away
     "Francis Marion Tarwater"   Volume 3, 957-959
Wise Blood
     "Hazel Motes"   Volume 3, 959-961
Edwin Arlinton Robinson
"Luke Havergal"
     "Luke Havergal"   Volume 3, 1103-1104
"Miniver Cheevy"
     "Miniver Cheevy"   Volume 3, 1104-1105
"Mr. Flood's Party"
     "Eben Flood"   Volume 3, 1106-1107
"Richard Cory"
     "Richard Cory"   Volume 3, 1107-1109
Philip Roth
"Defender of the Faith"
     "Private Sheldon Grossbart"   Volume 3, 1119-1121
     "Seargent Nathan Marks"   Volume 3, 1121-1122"The Artificial Nigger"
"Eli, The Fanatic"
     "Eli Peck"   Volume 3, 1122-1124
John Updike "Pigeon Feathers"
     "David Kern"   Volume 4, 1302-1304
Nathanael West
A Cool Million or, The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin
     "Lemuel Pitkin"   Volume 4, 1363-1365
     "Betty Prail"   Volume 4, 1365-1366
The Day of the Locust
     "Faye Greener"   Volume 4, 1366-1368
     "Tod Hackett"   Volume 4, 1368-1369
     "Homer Simpson"   Volume 4, 1369-1371

"...these clearly written, authoritative essays will be a boon to high school researchers." -SLJ Curriculum Connections

" excellent selection from the canon of classic and contemporary American authors. The language is uniformly clear and jargon-free. Recommended for larger libraries, especially those catering to students engaged in literary study." -Booklist

"This clearly organized reference work will be a welcome addition to high school libraries. Recommended." -Library Media Connection

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