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Encyclopedia of American Literature, Revised Edition. Matthew J. Bruccoli, et al, editors, New York: Facts on File, 2007. Four Volumes, 1317 Pages.

Matthew J. Bruccoli edited this four-volume thorough revision of The Encyclopedia of American Literature, an indispensible literary reference containing detailed entries on the major writers, works, movements, and other relevant topics from the Colonial Period to the Twenty-first Century. Also included in this revision are study guides to the more important writers to enable students to conduct independent scholarly research.

Signed Entries by John Cusatis:

Master Author Entries:
"Ralph Ellison," Volume 4, 83-86
"J.D. Salinger," Volume 4, 249-250
"Nathanael West," Volume 3, 324-325

Work Entries:
"The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West," Volume 3, 57-58
"Martin Eden,  Jack London," Volume 3, 189
"Miss Lonely Hearts,  Nathanael West," Volume 3, 199
"The Sea-Wolf,  Jack London," Volume 3, 273
"'Champion,' Ring Lardner," Volume 3, 39
"'Haircut,' Ring Lardner," Volume 3, 117
"'Luke Havergal,' Edwin Arlington Robinson," Volume 3, 182
"'Miniver Cheevy,' Edwin Arlington Robinson," Volume 3, 198-99
"'Richard Cory,' Edwin Arlington Robinson," Volume 3, 258

Study Guides:
"Studying Ralph Ellison," Volume 4, 86
"Studying Robinson Jeffers," Volume 3, 151-152
"Studying Flannery O'Connor," Volume 4, 211-213
"Studying J. D. Salinger," Volume 4, 251-252
"Studying Nathanael West," Volume 3, 325-326

"a thorough revision ... well written and well researched ... recommended for high-school, public, and academic libraries." -Booklist

" impressive outstanding reference...should be in all high school collections. Highly Recommended." - Library Media Connection

"The significant revisions and additions merit purchase of this useful work..." School Library Journal

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