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Dictionary of Literary Characters, Michael D. Sollars, editor. New York: Facts on File, 2011, 2528 pgs.

Dictionary of Literary Characters is a stunning, five-volume set containing descriptions of more than 40,000 characters in great literary works from the United States, Britain, and around the world. The wide assortment of characters featured in this comprehensive work are compiled from novels, short stories, and plays—ranging from such ancient classics as Sophocles' Antigone to 21st-century prizewinners such as Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex. No other reference work covers such an extensive assortment of characters from so many different works of literature.

Unsigned Entries by John Cusatis:

Kate Chopin
"The Story of an Hour"
     Louise Mallard, 1221
     Brently Mallard, 1221
     Richards, 1650
     Josephine, 1020

Stephen Crane
"The Open Boat"
     The Correspondent, 426
     The Captain, 306
     The Oiler, 1449
     The Cook, 417-18

F. Scott Fitzgerald
"Babylon Revisited"
     Charlie Wales, 2035
     Honoria Wales, 2035
     Marion Peters, 1530
     Lincoln Peters, 1530
     Lorraine Quarrles, 1607

Ernest Hemingway
"A Clean Well-Lighted Place"
     Younger Waiter, 2141
     Older Waiter, 1451
     The Old Man, 1452

"Hills Like White Elephants"
     Jig, 999
     The American, 39

"Indian Camp"
     The Doctor, 534
     Uncle George, 743

Flannery O'Connor,
     Mrs. May, 1280
     Scofield May, 1280
     Wesley May, 1280
     Mr. Greenleaf, 801
     Mrs. Greenleaf, 801

"Everything That Rises Must Converge"
     Julian, 1025
     Julian's mother, 1026

     Mary Grace,784
     Ruby Turpin, 1973

"The Artificial N****r"
     Nelson Head, 879
     Mr. Head, 879

"The Gift of the Magi"
     Della Young, 2139
     Jim Young, 2140

John Updike
"A & P"
     Sammy, 1714
     Queenie, 1608

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