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Twenty-First-Century American Poets, Third Series. John Cusatis, editor, Detroit: Gale/Cengage, 2017. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 380, 450 Pages.

Described by Library Journal as "hands-down the best overall literary reference work ever published," the Dictionary of Literary Biography has grown to 382 standard volumes covering every major genre and literary culture, not to mention dozens of special editions that have appeared since its arrival in 1978.

Volume 380 contains comprehensive entries on sixteen prominent American poets publishing in the Twenty-First Century, including U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, as well as thorough interviews with twelve of these poets, conducted by John Cusatis and his AP English Literature students at the School of the Arts in Charleston, SC via Skype or conference call between 2010-2014. The volume also includes an interview between John Cusatis and the poet Dana Gioia, and, in the wake of Bob Dylan's winning the Nobel Prize, responses from ten contemporary poets featured in either DLB 372, 374 or 380, to the prompt "What has Bob Dylan's writing meant to you and /or American literature?"

Signed Entries by John Cusatis:
"Preface" xix-xxi.
"B.H.Fairchild" 100-119
"Interview with Dana Gioia" 327-333
"Ten Poets Talk Bob Dylan, the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Literature" 334-337

Interviews by John Cusatis and SOA AP English Literature Students
"Interview with Scott Cairns" 39-47
"Interview with Tina Chang" 55-62
"Interview with Geraldine Connolly" 71-80
"Interview with W.S. DiPiero" 89-99
"Interview with B.H. Fairchild" 120-132
"Interview with Ronald Koertge" 170-177
"Interview with Ted Kooser" 188-195
"Interview with Thomas Lux" 207-218
"Interview with Campbell McGrath" 234-242
"Interview with Marilyn Nelson" 257-265
"Interview with Naomi Shihab Nye" 277-288
"Interview with Michael Ryan" 298-305
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