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Twenty-First-Century American Novelists, Second Series. Wanda H. Giles and James R. Giles, editors, Detroit: Gale/Cengage, 2009. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 350, 488 Pages.

Described by Library Journal as "hands-down the best overall literary reference work ever published," the Dictionary of Literary Biography has grown to 372 standard volumes covering every major genre and literary culture, not to mention dozens of special editions that have appeared since its arrival in 1978. Volume 350 contains lengthy entries on thirty-nine prominent American novelists publishing in the Twenty-First Century, including Donn Pearce, author of the novel and screenplay Cool Hand Luke, who after a lenghty hiatus released the critically esteemed, Nobody Comes Back in 2005.

Signed Entry by John Cusatis:
"Donn Pearce"   266-273.
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