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Conversations with John Banville. Earl G. Ingersoll and John Cusatis, editors, Jackson, MI: University Press of Mississippi, 2020. 224 pgs.

Conversations with John Banville is the first interview collection with this esteemed writer and includes eighteen interviews that reflect on nearly five decades of work, from his first book, Long Lankin, to his novel Mrs. Osmond and memoir, Time Pieces. The collection also includes discussions about and with, in the case of James Gleick's 2014 interview Banville's alter ego, Benjamin Black, who writes crime novels. Highly engaging and insightful, Banville's interviews offer a variety of writerly autobiography regarding what he has aimed to do in his work and how he continues to pursue perfection, which he has known from the beginning must be impossible. -From the Publisher

The final interview in the book was conducted with John Banville in November 2018 by Earl Ingersoll and John Cusatis.

Interview by Earl Ingersoll and John Cusatis:
"To Make the World Blush in the Awareness of Itself," 195-205
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