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Conversations with Colum McCann. Earl G. Ingersoll and Mary C. Ingersoll, editors, Jackson, MI: University Press of Mississippi, 2017. 223 pgs.

Conversations with Colum McCann brings together eighteen interviews with a world-renowned fiction writer. Ranging from his 1994 literary debut, Fishing the Sloe-Black River, to a new and unpublished interview conducted in 2016, these interviews represent the development as well as the continuation of McCann's interests. The number and length of the later conversations attest to his star-power. Let the Great World Spin earned him the National Book Award and promises to become a major motion picture. His most recent novel, TransAtlantic, has awed readers with its dynamic yoking of the 1845-46 visit of Frederick Douglass to Ireland, the 1919 first nonstop transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown, and Senator George Mitchell's 1998 efforts to achieve a peace accord in Northern Ireland. An extensive interview by scholar C├ęcile Maudet is included here, as is an interview by John Cusatis, who wrote Understanding Colum McCann, the first extensive critical analysis of McCann's work. -Description from the Publisher

The interview between John Cusatis and Colum McCann took place in front of a live audience at the Ernest Hollings Special Collections Library at the Universtiy of South Carolina on 14 March 2012.

Interview by John Cusatis:
"Embracing the World by Inventing the World: The Literary Journey of Colum McCann" 123-139
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